Life Lived in the Ideal Light

The scenes that make up the fabric of our clients’ lives guide every aspect of Marras Lighting Design’s work on residential remodels, additions, and new construction projects. Working directly with homeowners and in collaboration with architects and interior designers, we tailor bespoke solutions for unique needs. Artful layering of ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting enables us to design ideal scenarios for every room and space in our clients’ homes.

While our schemes are nuanced to respond to countless residential activities, the custom control pads we program are remarkably simple to use. In a single touch, a kitchen to shifts from food-prep to dining illumination, a master bathroom transforms from bright grooming space to soothing spa retreat, and a great room transitions from game night with the kids to cocktail party with the neighbors.

See Exteriors to learn how Marras Lighting Design creates solutions for residential façades, terraces, and landscaping.

Residential Expertise

  • Country estates
  • Beach homes
  • Suburban homes
  • City townhomes
  • City apartments
  • Equestrian properties

Residential Service

  • Lighting design for residential renovations, expansions, and ground-up new construction
    • Layered lighting, daylighting, and dynamic lighting
    • Multi-zone lighting within rooms and residence-wide
    • Multi-scene automated programming with simple “one-touch” controls
    • Specialized lighting, including for fine art and home theaters
  • Document development: CAD drawings, material schedules, and installation specifications
  • Mock-ups and demonstrations of proposed solutions
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and pre-installation inspection of all lighting fixtures and related installation materials
  • Selection of installation crews with appropriate specialized lighting expertise
  • Onsite oversight of installation
  • Post-installation inspection and hand-optimization of lighting and controls

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