Fully Customized
Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Enlighten Your Outdoor Spaces


At Marras Lighting Design we create fully customized lighting systems with sophisticated outdoor lighting fixtures that make our clients’ properties stand out after nightfall. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, want to showcase a beautiful garden, or draw attention to your restaurant or business, our state-of-the-art lighting designs, and lighting systems are tailored specifically to your style and needs.


Elevate The Atmosphere With Outdoor Lighting

Well lit outdoor spaces create the proper atmosphere for everything from dinner under the stars in your back yard to outdoor dining at your restaurant. Creating a welcoming atmosphere with landscape lighting, façade lighting, or pathway lights contributes to elevating the tone of your home or the image of your business.

After sunset, outdoor lighting is the first impression received by visitors to your home or clients arriving at your retail shop, restaurant, or office building. It gives them a sense of your style and of the experience they can expect even before they walk through your door. Marras Lighting Design is passionate about helping clients make the best first impression through expertly designed outdoor lighting of façades, pathways, landscaping and special elements such as illuminated sculptures and water features.

At Marras Lighting Design, we understand the complexity of outdoor lighting and know how to make it simple for our clients to use. We have deep expertise in crafting luxury lighting systems and ensuring that each high-tech installation is seamlessly orchestrated. Our mission is to ensure that the outdoor lights we install will not only be beautiful, but also will stand up to harsh environmental conditions such as heat, cold, rain, and snow.


Many Choices, Fully Customized Solutions

Marras Lighting Design has built its reputation on providing clients with innovative lighting solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. We offer only the highest quality assortment of outdoor lighting fixtures and outdoor lighting services, from design and engineering to hand-optimization of every fixture after installation is complete.

With comprehensive services and deep knowledge, Marras Lighting Design can handle design projects from beginning to end at a variety of scales, from private residences to historic buildings, and corporate campuses. We utilize the newest and most advanced lighting technologies to not only create a unique design, but also a system that functions optimally. Our designs and systems for professional outdoor lighting and controls incorporate cost-effective lighting solutions.

Residential, commercial or historical façades, living, dining and entertainment spaces, terraces and rooftops, parks, public amenity spaces, and corporate campuses are among the areas of exterior expertise offered by Marras Lighting Design. The lighting systems we create include signage, façade, landscaping, water feature, and wayfinding lighting. Our proprietary installation techniques and exclusive use of only the highest quality outdoor lights and made-to-order fixtures consistently ensure that our clients enjoy optimal functionality and aesthetic beauty in their home and commercial outdoor lighting. Please reach out to us today to discuss your next lighting project.