Residential Lighting Design

Marras Design, led by principals Jon-Carlo Marras and Ryan Curtis, creates environments that leverage cutting-edge lighting design, A/V, and automation systems.

Each commission begins with an open consultative approach and exploration of the space’s full potential. Once the key elements have been resolved, the design is further enhanced by a host of customized features and finishing touches, with a focus on craftsmanship and subtle detail.

Marras’ philosophy is that each space should be dynamic, adjustable to the needs and moods of its audience, yet intuitively and effortlessly controlled. We carefully compose our scenes so that a room transforms with a single touch – from movie theater to entertainment space, from dinner preparation to dinner party, from your morning rituals accessed bedside to a master all-off button as you exit the front door.

Our firm’s span of work includes estates and horse farms, city terraces and rooftops, as well as commercial restaurants, shops, offices and hospitality venues.