Custom Lighting Design

To us, custom means to design a system that is fully tailored to a space’s specific needs. It’s not how much light is needed, or where to place fixtures, or even what the fixtures will look like — it’s more about what light will do to the space and what impression it will leave on an audience.

Marras Lighting Design recognizes that each client has unique and critical conditions. A museum may need lighting that is easily reoriented and focusable, with excellent color accuracy zero ultraviolet emission. A retail space may need to maximize a customer’s first impression and to reinforce its brand image, or it may need the ability to change the mood from warm and seductive to cool and vibrant when they change their seasonal clothing line. On the residential side, apartments in NYC are notorious for needing their rooms to be discreetly multifunctional, yet highly detailed and fashion forward.

Our creative focus always begins by defining the precise needs of a space and its ideal visual solutions; logistical planning occurs only after we have a solid grasp on that. Ultimately, we strive to combine the perfect aesthetic and high adaptability with a simple and intuitive method of control.