Enlightened Outdoor

Using light to frame perspectives, create depth, and sculpt new spaces from thin air, Marras Lighting Design transforms the exteriors of our client’s homes and offices into additional rooms for entertainment, relaxation, and sport. Thoughtfully positioned fixtures illuminate landscaping and architectural elements so that after the sun goes down, they become walls that embrace an intimate dining area, pathways to tennis courts and swimming pools, and vignettes that define the property’s perimeter.

Our design solutions integrate aesthetics with functionality. High-quality materials and proven installation techniques enable us to deliver systems that keep their integrity with minimal maintenance.

Landscape Expertise

  • Residential and commercial façades
  • Historic façades
  • Corporate campuses
  • Public amenity spaces and parks
  • Residential outdoor living, dining, and entertainment spaces
  • City townhome and apartment terraces and rooftops

Exterior Services

  • Façade, landscape, water feature, signage, and wayfinding lighting
    • Specification of the highest quality made-to-order fixtures
    • Proprietary installation techniques that maximize the longevity of the lighting
    • Automated programming with intuitive controls
  • Document development: CAD drawings, material schedules, and installation specifications
  • Mock-ups and demonstrations of proposed solutions
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and pre-installation inspection of all lighting fixtures and related installation materials
  • Selection of installation crews with appropriate specialized lighting expertise
  • Onsite oversight of installation
  • Post-installation inspection and hand-optimization of lighting and controls
  • Ongoing periodic inspections and maintenance to ensure continued optimal performance

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