Commercial Lighting
that Perfoms

Marras Lighting Design creates brand-conscious solutions for a broad array of high-end commercial spaces, including retail stores, hospitality properties, corporate offices, and service environments. From luxury shops and boutique hotels to elegant restaurants and corporate lobbies, intelligently designed lighting sets the stage for optimal business outcomes.

Utilizing layered, dynamic, and carefully calibrated static lighting, we help our clients make an indelible first impression, encourage longer stays, and elicit greater spends, among other marketing and sales goals. We call on deep expertise, the latest research, and the most advanced technology to design office space lighting that supports health, wellness, energy, and focus among employees.

“Lighting is an essential part of communicating a brand. Done properly, it can also enhance the performance of retail and hospitality environments.”

Commercial Expertise

  • Corporate lobbies and offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Spa & Fitness
  • Cultural institutions
  • Art museums and galleries
  • Theaters
  • Temporary and permanent event spaces
  • Public amenity spaces

Commercial Services

  • Lighting design that reinforces brand identity and enhances performance
    • Layered lighting, daylighting, dynamic lighting, and static lighting
    • Multi-zone lighting within open-plan spaces
    • Room-within-room lighting for hotel guest suites
    • Programmatic lobby-to-amenity-space lighting for hotels
    • Specialized lighting, including for fine art and water features
    • Automated programming with intuitive controls
  • Document development: CAD drawings, material schedules, and installation specifications
  • Mock-ups and demonstrations of proposed solutions
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and pre-installation inspection of all lighting fixtures and related installation materials
  • Selection of installation crews with appropriate specialized lighting expertise
  • Onsite oversight of installation
  • Post-installation inspection and hand-optimization of lighting and controls

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