Architectural Lighting Design



Marras Design is a premier NYC architectural lighting design agency. Our firm specializes in all architectural lighting services, from conceptual design to construction administration. In an ever-changing industry, Marras Design is well versed with the newest and most innovative lighting technologies.

The marriage of architecture and lighting design has the power to evoke feelings that cannot be put into words. If either of these are absent, the entire mood is spoiled. The beauty of architectural lighting design is creating a canvas from which light and edifice compliment each other so that when either is missing, the vignette is no longer complete.

Architectural lighting design by Marras Design of NYC:

  • Provide design and specifications for any type of architecture (classical, contemporary, industrial) at any size both residential and commercial
  • The purpose of space for which lighting is being provided is taken into account while also understanding the physics of light production, distribution and aesthetic appeal
  • We work tirelessly with our clients and installation team from conceptual design to construction administration to adjusting fixtures
  • We are well versed in custom fixture design specifications and the latest technologies.
  • We are able to provide photometric data

Any architectural lighting design element should be seen easily, clearly and without discomfort and Marras Design can make that a reality.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.