August 24, 2017

4 Tips to Help Reduce the Energy Cost of Your Lighting

Lighting makes up a massive amount of your monthly energy bill. In fact, 11% of the energy use in a residential building comes from lighting — the figure is slightly higher in commercial buildings at 18%

That means that if you are looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient, then your residential lighting design is a great place to start. To do this, you can either work with a professional lighting design company or you can attempt it on your own.

Use LED Lights
The absolute simplest way to improve your home’s energy efficiency is to change over to LED lights. These lights use 15% less energy than a conventional light bulb, but they are capable of producing 85% more light.

Install an Automated System
If you are the sort of person who forgets to turn the lights out when they leave a room, then you should consider installing an automated lighting system. One of these systems will allow you to program when your lights are active, allowing you to reduce the accidental waste that occurs when you leave a light on after you turn in for bed.

Install a Sun Tube
Sun Tubes are small openings in your roof that allow natural light into parts of your home that otherwise get no exposure. Sun Tubes are different than traditional forms of skylights for two important reasons. For starters, they are significantly cheaper to purchase and easier to install, making them a better option for most homeowners. Additionally, they are very subtle, often imitating the appearance of a conventional ceiling light.

Choose a More Strategic Design
Light-reflecting surfaces like mirrors or even white walls can help your light go further. While it is certainly not the best option for every home, if you find that you need to rely on two or three different sources for lighting in a room, try incorporating design elements that will help to more evenly disperse the light.

The tips listed above are great for homeowners looking for a quick fix. Following these tips will allow you to maximize your lighting while lowering your home’s energy use. Of course, it’s always best to hire an interior lighting design company for the more difficult jobs.