Marras Lighting Design – Lighting Design Services.

Marras Lighting Design provides luxury custom lighting design solutions for for residential and commercial spaces. We specialize in Landscape Lighting Design and Architectural Lighting Design and Interior Lighting Design and Residential and Commercial Lighting Design, and also, Hospitality Lighting Design. For more information, call or email for an appointment today. Do you have a lighting project? Then Reach us by phone at (212)655 9798, or by email: INFO@MARRASDESIGN.COM. Also, See our Linkedin.

Residential & Commercial Lighting Design, Permanent Installations, Custom Fixture Design, and Hospitality Lighting.

Marras Lighting Design was founded in 2013 and is led by principals Jon-Carlo Marras and Ryan Curtis. The firm specializes in custom interior and exterior lighting and automation solutions for premier residential and commercial properties. It operates as both a design-build firm and in collaboration with architects, designers, and also contractors.

Comprehensive, Fully Customized Lighting Solutions by Marras Lighting Design.

Marras Lighting Design offers comprehensive solutions for premier residential and commercial properties. Because every project is unique, every design we create is custom. Ideally, our firm is engaged early in the process. This enables us to collaborate with architects and interior designers to ensure that optimal lighting solutions are efficiently incorporated into the design from the beginning. It also enables us to seamlessly orchestrate lighting installation within the overall construction schedule.

Learn how Marras Lighting Design uses lighting to elevate the aesthetics and enhance the livability, functionality, and performance of Residential, Commercial, and Exterior projects.

COMMERCIAL OFFICES: Lighting design that reinforces brand positioning and that supports employee performance.

Lobby, Hallways, Offices, Break Rooms, Conference rooms, and Bathrooms.

HOSPITALITY, RETAIL, SPA & FITNESS LIGHTING DESIGN: We provide On-brand lighting design that creates the ideal ambience for customers while supporting marketing and also sales strategies.

Lobby, Amenity spaces, Guest rooms and suites, Reception, Dining, Display windows, Interiors, Dressing rooms, Reception, and also Treatment rooms.

CULTURAL- Specialized lighting design for sensitive materials and event spaces.

Art displays and installations, Event spaces, Performance spaces, and also Architectural details.

Layered lighting design and thematic programming to create spaces with the right ambience for every occasion.

Foyer, Gallery, Great room, Living room, Dining room, Library / Study, Home office, Bedrooms, and lastly Bathrooms.

Lighting design tailored to facilitate the specific uses of the particular room or area.

Kitchen, Wine cellar, Home theater, Fitness room, Sporting (basketball, soccer, etc), Closets, and also Art displays.


Lighting design to illuminate landscaping, sculpt outdoor spaces for entertainment, sports, and relaxation, and to facilitate way-finding.

RESIDENTIAL: Facade, Driveway, Courtyard, Garden
Pool and pool surroundings, Terraces, patios, and decks, Tennis courts,
Barns and also paddocks.

COMMERCIAL: Facades, Plazas, Terraces
Parks, Biking, running, and walking paths, and lastly Water features.